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My work, now on Behance.


2015 Animation Reel

Copyright ©2015 Rob Boyle


Lexia Reading Core 5


In 2012 I completed animation on Lexia Reading Core 5, Lexia’s "research-proven, award-winning and most comprehensive technology-based reading skills program available."

Here's a new preview page on their website: Lexia Reading Core 5 Lexia Reading Core 5 is available on iPad, Android, Browser and Desktop.

2013 Animation Demo Reel


Copyright ©2013 Rob Boyle


Sprout Click N Color

sprout icon

New design for Credits: game art assets, UI and design. Produced by 360Kid.

Click N Color

Sprout Click and Color

© 2005-2010, Children's Network, LLC




New design and animation updates for Hasbro's should be rolling out in 2009.

I also animated a product proposal demo, a Kindle-like e-reader called Explorastory. Produced for Hasbro with 360Kid also in 2009.


Copyright © 2009


Budget Hero

Produced by American Public Media along with 360KID . Credits: screen layouts, all game art assets, animation, UI and final visual design . The game had alot of buzz in 2008 on sites like Wired and BoingBoing . Here is a little page on Nerdist about Budget Hero in 2011. A relaunch was made as Budget hero 2.0 in 2011 as noted on the GamesFor Change website.

USA Today also has a story about Budget Hero 2.0.

Click here to play Budget Hero

©2008 American Public Media.

I also animated these helpful instructions for the game:


-from Wired, "[Budget Hero] lets people explore the major issues of the election by changing the federal budget to match their stands on issues and their values", American Public Media's Brad Robideau wrote to Boing Boing.


Leapfrog Leapster

Creature Create


Produced by Leapfrog and 360KID for the Leapster hand-held game device.

Credits: furniture animations and creature house designs.

Leapster-Creature Create

Production sketches for creature houses:

leapfrog creature production art

Finished vector art in Adobe Flash (Animate):

finish vector art Leapfrog

©2007 Leapfrog



Backyardigans -Mission to Mars CDROM

Backyardigans -Mission to Mars CDROM

©Copyright2006 Nickelodeon

Produced through Nickelodeon (Nick JR) along with 360KID Credits: background design, UI screens, graphic design, game graphics,animation and lip sync.



©2006 Inflexxion

Dunk Cal game, Produced by the folks at 360KID

Credits: graphic design, animation and lip sync


Elmo And Zoe's Magical Numbers Game

Produced for Children's Television Workshop at 360KID, in 2006.

©2006 Children's Television Workshop

Credits: Animation, Lip-sync, background and game art.



© Copyright 2019 Robert Boyle unless otherwise noted